About me

About Staci...

Isn’t it interesting how life has a way of pressuring us into believing we no longer have a choice in our lives??

That’s what happens in abusive relationships and that’s what happened to me. Not too long ago, my spirit was squashed. I mean crushed . . .

compounding experiences of rejection, abandonment, betrayal, abuse, and poor choices.

Fortunately, about 3 years ago I made a discovery that profoundly changed my life and the choices I make.

This discovery led to Unstoppable Me.

I’m Staci. I’m on a mission to help people heal from abuse and go onto become the unstoppable versions of themselves they aspire to be.

From personal experience, I know that abuse hurts and time doesn’t heal all wounds – making mindful choices is what creates lasting healing. Sadly, abuse is oftentimes a pain that gets locked away and the key tossed out.

And I want to change that – I want to encourage honesty and lasting healing in the hearts and minds of people that have experienced abuse. And provide practical choices to move past the pain and hurt and go onto become unstoppable in their lives.

I believe abuse is inexcusable. I believe we can heal from abuse. I believe we can become unstoppable in our lives despite previous experiences or choices.

If you believe what I believe, I invite you to join me on this healing journey.

“Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Action heals.”

- Staci Gray , Author of Unstoppable Me - The Courage to Choose Habits that Heal