Habits are about setting ourselves up for success. Throughout the healing process, it’s important to remember we are responsible for the effort not the outcome.

This doesn’t mean when we are experimenting with choices and evaluating the feedback that we neglect to make adjustments. We continuously grow and improve so that we can make progress towards our goals and aspirations.

However, as we’ve experienced, we can work tirelessly to bring to life a specific outcome and in the end it all blows up in our face. Simply detach from the outcome and give yourself the freedom to enjoy the journey.

A lesson I learned from Craig Ballantyne is important here—he says, “Structure equals Freedom.” The first time I heard that—I thought, no way. How is that even possible? Structure is the exact opposite of freedom. But what I found is utilizing structure via daily habits, which align with my values, sets free my mental, emotional, and physical energy to be focused on whatever I choose.

The same is true with the healing process. Neglecting to put daily habits in place that encourage the healing process means we are investing our energy resisting what we don’t want in our lives, and that is draining. Further, we are likely doomed to repeat the dysfunctional patterns.

Practicing the daily habits that lead to healing gives us energy, because those daily choices keep us safe, happy, healthy, and making progress towards what we want in our lives.

Our daily habits should be a reflection of our values. You know my values and here are my daily habits as well . . .

• Sleep eight hours a night, read my 3x5 cards, and then workout first thing in the morning when my will power is the strongest.

• Create a to-do list at the start and end of every day and structure my time around my #1 priority.

• Write sixty minutes a day prior to checking email or social media.

• Drink one gallon of water per day. And follow my standard of eating—raw, vegan, plus fish/seafood, no sugar. Eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full.

• Read thirty minutes a day while my legs are elevated and update my gratitude journal and accomplishment log.

• Do everything that makes me feel good about myself. Honor my alone time; play with Lola; practice self-love; celebrate what I did well and respect my values and standards; learning on wheels aka automobile university; volunteer; share my struggles to help others.

• Be intentional about my choices. Live with integrity and character. Yes, means yes. No, means no. Follow through on what I commit to do.

• Limit two glasses of wine a night when home alone.

There is an iPhone app I use to keep myself on track with these daily habits. It’s called Habit List. You enter your habits and the frequency of each habit, so you can check off as you go.

Please remember we’re human, not perfect, and that’s okay, because life is about progress, not perfection.

I have hiccups . . . I accept it as part of my healing process. Every single day for the rest of my life, I can assure you that I will not perfectly execute these habits. However, I’m committed to making progress and accepting my imperfections along the way. It’s my journey and my healing process—I own it.

What matters is nurturing my head and my heart and making progress towards the goals and aspirations that set my soul ablaze. And the same goes for you.

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