You’re here for a reason!

The Unstoppable Me mission sparked something in you… whether abuse touched you personally or a loved one has been impacted, you’re here for a reason.

And I’m grateful you are!

Please come introduce yourself …

If you need to vent... we have a special place for that - it's our ventbox. Feel free to send an anonymous message here.

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"Before reading Unstoppable Me I was reading lots of self-help books, attending workshops, seeing my therapist and experimenting with different productivity systems to help me fully heal AND achieve some big milestones in my life.

I was still feeling stuck until I read Unstoppable Me. The book is crafted from deep down honesty and it gave me practical actions for creating and sustaining self-love, self-discipline, and personal empowerment.

Staci Gray really gets it - how to heal after abuse; get clear on who you are, what you want; and how to accomplish your goals from a place of truth and authentic power.

Unstoppable Me isn't just for people who've experienced abuse, it's a light-hearted and real-world approach for people who want to pick themselves up, get clear on their path, and make progress towards their goals. I only wish I started practicing this blueprint sooner." - Chantel Marie, California

"I met Staci last year and she made a big impact on my life. She always had and has the right thing to say. I now consider her a great friend of mine and when I think of her, it's a reminder to make sure I don't compromise my standards! Love myself." - Rosa, Canada